Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Birthday Cards in One Week?

If you know me in person, you probably know that my personal style is decidedly unfeminine, and my scrapbook pages tend to follow suit. Once in a while, in moments of weakness, I'll break down and buy flower embellishments or pretty floral papers, but these things rarely end up in my albums. It may be because they would look really strange paired with my very non-feminine pictures, but in general, I'm much more comfortable sticking with classic black, solids, stripes, and graphic patterns.

Sometimes, though, I use cardmaking as an excuse to make something girly. The sappy sentimentality of flowers and lace and bows somehow seems more palatable to me when I'm working on a small space with no photos. And since I don't have a large stash of frilly products, card kits make it really easy for me to create something pretty without trying too hard. I snatched up this particular card kit from My Mind's Eye on Peachy Cheap a while back, and it had just what I needed to recreate a version of this beautiful card I spotted in the August 2010 issue of Cards magazine by Belinda Chang Langner.

I just loved the look of that inset circle and the ribbon going around the card front. Visually interesting, but so simple to do with just a circle punch and some foam adhesive.