Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Hoppy Easter"

Easter has never really meant cards to me, and pastels aren't usually my thing, but when I found this Candy Bunny die from Lifestyle Crafts, I needed to snatch it up and make something. Luckily, I had exactly one Easter stamp and a few pieces of pastel orange, yellow, pink, and blue in my stash, so I could get my Easter-craft fix without buying any supplies.

My mouth was watering for Peeps the whole time I was tiling those bunnies onto the paper.

Here's a peek at the inside. My stamp was so tiny, I decided to make a little paper "ribbon" to help it stand out.

As soon as I stop being too lazy to take, upload, and crop photos of them, I've got tons of scrapbook pages to share. Stay tuned!