Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next up to scrapbook:

My trip with Dan to L.A. in August 2008, which will go into my 12x12 Making Memories binder right after our one-year anniversary weekend trip to St. Louis.


Now, I just need to decide how to record the story of seeing Mr. T. at LAX and ending up in the background on TMZ. Has anyone figured out a way to embed Internet videos into a scrapbook yet?


Bachelor Girl said...

We need a full-on scrapbooking tutorial. I would love to scrapbook, but I never have any idea what to put on the pages.

Tracey said...

Request noted. I've been planning on writing little posts about my favorite supplies and tools and how I use them, so a little 101 is on the way.

Unapologetically Mundane said...

For .01 seconds, I thought the guy in the middle picture with his arm around you was Dan.

This looks way too good to be scanned. Is it?

Tracey said...

Totally not scanned. Just a collage of digital pictures made in Photobucket. I spent about three minutes making sure each picture was centered in its box, and then, for some reason, it didn't save that way, and I was too lazy to fix it.

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