Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Calendar Ring

In honor of Tracey, I'll call this One Thing I Love Wednesday:

The calendar ring by Sergey Kuzhavsky and Stas Jitzky. Better than any wedding ring, right? I would love to have this to commemorate the day I met my boyfriend.

And then if we broke up, I could just switch the date for the new boy. Screw sentimentality!


Bachelor Girl said...

That is BAD. ASS. Entice Kamran to buy it for you!

plumpdumpling said...

I linked him to this post to show him how hilarious I am, and he said, "Subtle." But the ring isn't for sale! That's not what I meant!

Tracey said...

Here's how boring I am. I was thinking you would just change the date every day so that you always remember what day it is. Not romantic.

And yes. The ring is awesome. Do you think they also make Calendar Brass Knuckles so that I can stamp the date on people's faces when I deck them?

plumpdumpling said...

Hey, maybe that's how I get around actually tattooing Sexy Stud on my knuckles. Instead of the date, I'll get a letters one for each finger.

Also, I really enjoyed the "Drop Dead Diva" episode about the two (three!) wives. I feel funny.

Tracey said...

Haha! The show will just keep growing on you, and you're powerless to stop it!

Speaking of which, I gave Hot in Cleveland another try last night, and the episode I watched was way funnier than the one we saw together. Maybe there's a chance for that show, after all.

plumpdumpling said...

Oh, I hope not, because I just warned everyone at work against it today when they were talking about banging Betty White.

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