Friday, March 12, 2010

Gingerbread Ground Zero

You saw the gingerbread house Katie and I made this past Christmas.

What you (and Katie) didn't see was the devastation left after I tore the rest of the thing apart in order to store its pieces in a giant zip-lock bag.




plumpdumpling said...

Your insensitivity to the language of 9/11 is really offensive to me.

No, just kidding.

So does that mean you have the gingerbread pieces stored somewhere for me to eat next time I come home?

Ells said...

Saved the gingerbread? So you two can revisit your gingerbread love, like a couple eating old, freezerburned wedding cake on their anniversary?

Tracey said...

Dan and I munched on the pieces until they started becoming stale and even harder than they already were (if you can believe that), and then I threw the rest out. But don't worry, baby. I still have your Halloween Peeps here for you, and those are probably hardening in a much more delicious way.

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