Monday, January 18, 2010

Toward a Personal Philosophy of Scrapbooking

When I created this little blog at the start of the new year, I was trying to explain to Katie (and, sort of, to myself) what I wanted to accomplish with it, and all I could really come up with was this:

"Don't you think there are plenty of scrapbookers like us out there who don't feel like they fit in with regular scrapbookers?"

And I still don't know what I mean by that, exactly. But I do know that whenever we're among stereotypical scrapbookers, we're keenly aware that there's something different about us and our approach to documenting our memories.

It may be because we don't have kids. Or because the vast majority of scrapbooking products amuse us more than they inspire us. (I mean, is anyone really buying handcuff stickers and using them in a non-ironic way?) Or maybe it's because we think up zany projects like making a scrapbook of all the boys we've ever kissed. But whatever it is, I hope this blog can help to explore and define it so that I can help begin to carve out a little space in the scrapbooking world for those of us who dig papercrafting but reside somewhere at the margins of crafty culture.


plumpdumpling said...

It's weird that a lot of other crafts seem to have caught on with a younger, cooler crowd in a way that scrapbooking hasn't. Maybe Etsy is entirely biased because it's Internet-based and therefore too difficult for anyone over the age of 35 to use, but it seems to me like it's the kids who are crafting now. I'll bet the number of Etsy sellers far outweighs what you'd see at all of the craft fairs grandmas are selling at.

Yet for all of the knitting hipsters out there, we still seem to be the lonely croppers not using cartoonish cutout footballs and the single word "silly" for all of our scrapbook page titles. Surely women our age don't think it's only worthwhile to get into cropping when they have children, as if life before kids isn't FAR MORE INTERESTING.

It's us and the Brooklyn Jell-o mold girl against the world.

Julie said...

LOL. I think I fall into the group of scrapbookers who have a ton of stuff and the urge to make great pages, but no place or time to do it.

And for the record, my first scrapbooks were pre-kids. Now that I have kids, there is no time to scrapbook.

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